Photo by Matt Blackbourn

Photo by Matt Blackbourn


Hello, I'm Dan

I'm a photographer and designer based in Leamington Spa in the West Midlands. Leamington's a fantastic place to live and, as a bonus, there are many other wonderful places to explore only a short distance away. Warwick, Stratford, Coventry, the Cotswolds, Birmingham - something for everyone, and plenty to photograph!

My Photography

I've always been interested in telling stories, both through writing and with photography. The two disciplines complement each other surprisingly well - a successful story is all about choosing what to focus on, deciding what to include versus what to leave out, and setting the right tone. The same is true of a good photograph.

I'm a volunteer photographer for the Name A Puppy team at the Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre here in Warwickshire, and I'm also the official photographer for Leamington Squash Club. I consider myself a versatile photographer, with a flexible style that can suit a range of subjects and situations. I work with both natural light (when the British weather behaves itself!) and flash, and I have a small portable lighting set-up that allows me to take "studio-style" photos without people having to venture into an actual studio, which can often be quite an intimidating environment.

Take a look at my portfolio and see what you think.

Your Story

Your story could be anything - a big celebration, a special family event, or a new venture for your business. Maybe you want your dating profile or Facebook photo to say something more interesting about you than, "Here's another selfie". Whatever story you have to tell, please get in touch and I'll help you get your message across.